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The Game

You play as a Shadow Child, a creature created from a malevolent god named the Shadow Father. You're tasked with destroying the world by evolving from killing and consuming creatures within the city you are placed. Once you are strong enough to withstand anything humans can do to you, you will be victorious.


Your father, Shadow Father, was worshiped out of fear thousands of years ago by your ancestors. The humans revolted and many were killed in the process, but they were eventually victorious. Your father lost his power over the Earth and was forgotten by humans. It is now the year 2017 and an archaeologist has discovered a hidden temple which held many tomes of your father's power. The archaeologist goes mad after reading the unknown text and becomes the leader of a cult worshiping the Shadow Father. This worshiping brought just enough power for your father to create you, his Shadow Child. He tasks you with destroying the world for forgetting him.

Development Status

This game has been in development since January 2017 by a single student studying Game Design at UCCS. There is still plenty of development left on this game, but I hope you enjoy what has been created so far.

Known Bugs

  • Cursor doesn't bind to game screen if player Alt-Tab's out of the game
  • Police hover above ground for certain animations

Install instructions

Step 1)

Unzip the file downloaded

Step 2)

Double Click the file "ShadowChild"

Step 3)

Set appropriate settings based on your computer power. If you are not sure set "Graphics Quality" to "Simple". If the game does not run well, try "Fastest".

Keep In Mind

This game is not complete and fully optimized yet. As development continues, the game will become work better on less powerful computers.


ShadowChild.zip 212 MB

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